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Hello Steve,

Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the timely work of your company and associated personnel with respect to my filtration problems.

The automatic version of the Judo Filter seems to be working like a charm for the past week.
I have it set at the maximum 4 hour duty cycle and have had no further issues with any sand or backwashing.
Jamie explained how to change the cycle settings to 8 hours, 24 hours etc. with the dip switches but I will leave it as is for a while.

Thanks once again for your response, solution, installation and professionalism.

Best regards, Stephen

HomeStars Review Our Work


Dear Harris Plumbing:

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service Harris Plumbing has provided. 

Last year as I headed to the airport on vacation, my sump pit started to overflow.

I couldn’t miss my flight. I recall how I telephoned you from Florida and you had a plumber

out the same day. I was relieved and delighted to find that the problem was expertly deal with and I could enjoy my vacation! 

Most recently last week my sump pump burned out and you immediately had Nick and Scott out to check the situation. 

On Monday Scott was over and did a great job installing the two new pumps.  I really appreciate that you come so promptly when I have a potential emergency. 

 The plumbers you have sent to my home are not only expert professionals, but they leave the work area scrupulously clean.  I simply could not ask for better service!  

Cindy, Laura and Catherine have been so kind and caring when I call with a problem.

All of you are really dedicated to providing service and I can’t begin to tell you how much this has meant to me.

 Yours truly,

 Susanne Hayward

Barrister & Solicitor





Drain Contractor: Services & Inspections



  •     Drain & Pipe Repairs – Leaking pipes inside your house? No shutoff valves on your hot/cold lines under sinks and at your outside hose connections? In summer do you get more water coming out at your hose connection than through your garden hose? Do you need help with your plumbing in Aurora? Give us a call and our friendly, uniformed plumbers will take care of those repairs quickly and carefully clean up after themselves.
  •     Septic and Sewer Lines – Are you looking for a plumber in Barrie?  Over time and with the seasons everything moves – including your water and sewer lines under the ground. Over time they also get gunked up with grease, hair and other things that perhaps shouldn’t be there at all like toys and cell phones! If your drains are sluggish and slow, let our professional plumbers and drain cleaning specialists diagnose your issue and correct it fast.
  •     Video Camera Inspection – If you experience sewage backups in your basement or slow toilets and drains, you may have broken or misaligned sewer pipes outside. The only way to tell for sure is to camera inspect the system. We can diagnose the problem quickly and recommend the appropriate solution. Once approved, we’ll quickly repair your problem and we warranty all our work.
  •     Hydro-Scrub Services – Sometimes snaking a drain is just not enough. Grease and hair buildup sticks to the inside surfaces of your pipes and must be high-power jetted away.
  •     Tree Root Removal – Tree roots invading your sewer lines can cause tremendous damage to your home. If you notice any change in your home drains or backups in the basement, let us determine the cause. We’ll recommend a course of action and quickly get you back to normal.


Expert Repairs & 24/7 Emergencies



  • Water, Sewage, Sump Pumps – We supply and install several high quality makes of all types of pumps for residential, commercial and cottages.  Whether you source your water from a lake, river, well or municipal line, we have the right pump. Professionally installed and fully warranted, we’ll schedule your appointment at your convenience.
  • Toilet Repair & Replacement – Today’s low-flush toilets save you money – period. However, low-quality toilets simply don’t have the technology or ability to flush reliably with less water and they WILL let you down.  High quality toilets have larger, glazed trapways and better flushing design and mechanisms to ensure efficiency too. Have us professionally install your new ”peace-of-mind” toilet (the one that uses less water so it saves you money, but also never lets you down by plugging up!).  Harris Plumbing recommends TOTO toilets for total reliability, comfort and style. (easier to clean too)
  • Faucets, Sinks, Showers, Bathtubs – Harris Plumbing Inc. offers a vast array of replacements and repairs. Whether in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room we will provide you with high quality products, excellent workmanship and full warranties. Your time is important so our plumbers carry over 10,000 parts in their trucks (Warehouses on Wheels we call them). If you are also in need of an emergency plumber, we can accommodate you right away.
  • Whole Home Inspections  - Buying or selling a home? Want peace of mind about your household plumbing? Call us to schedule your complete home inspection. We’ll give you a full, written report and discuss with you any concerns that we find. Then you can make your decision based on facts and up-front pricing.


Hot Water


Navien Hot Water Heaters

  • Gas/Electric Tank Water Heaters - Discoloured hot water, lukewarm water, no hot water! All signs that it’s time for a new energy efficient hot water tank. Residential and commercial high quality systems of all sizes professionally installed with our own in-house warranty. New technology will save you money every month on water and power with a new hot water system. How’s your schedule? Give us a call – we’d be happy to inspect your current system and discuss how you can benefit.
  • Tankless Water Heaters – Endless hot water – when you need it. Tired of running out of hot water? Never run out of hot water again. Because there is no water storage tank continuously wasting energy while continuously heating 40 or 50 gallons of water, you lower your utility bills and save money! By removing your old, bulky hot water tank, you reclaim valuable space as Navien units are smaller and compact and simply hang on a wall. Extremely efficient and eco-friendly, Navien’s amazing tankless condensing technology paired with Harris Plumbing’s professional installation knocks the competition out of the (hot) water. Our expert maintenance plans will ensure your tankless system will last for up to 25 years compared to the average life span of a hot water tank of 5-10 years. So many smart reasons to upgrade to tankless! Sound good? Contact us today to schedule an appointment to determine if tankless is right for your home and family.


Water Conditioning & Softening


H2O and NOVO Logos

  • UV & Water Filtration Installation & Maintenance  - If you have concerns about your water quality, let us fully test your water and recommend the appropriate corrections. Ensure your family’s safety with Ultra Violet systems and other options. Water taste, odour and colour can all be signs of trouble. Sediment is damaging to washing machines and dishwashers, coffee makers and ice makers. Chlorine tastes horrible and causes many health issues. They can all be filtered out of your water. Call us to discuss what’s in your water… and how we can help.
  • Water Softeners & Iron Filters  - Hard water & iron will destroy your appliances and your household piping very quickly. There are many benefits both to your appliances and to your wallet.  Soft water saves you money on soaps and detergents because soft water simply uses less. Soft water is gentler to your fabrics so your clothing lasts longer. Easier rinsing means no more water spots and less cleaning time. Your hair and skin will feel softer too. Concerned that you’ll use all your soft water on lawn watering??  No problem.  We’ll install an easy by-pass connection on your system so only hard water is used outside – so you can choose. At Harris Plumbing Inc., we install high efficiency, high quality residential and commercial water treatment systems that use much less water and salt than most big-box brands. With a leading manufacturers warranty program plus our professional installation, you get a winning combination to ensure that your family enjoys the safest, best tasting water for drinking, bathing and household use.  Call us to have a thorough water evaluation done on your household water.  We’ll design a custom softening / conditioning water solution for your family.




  • Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations – Whether you just need to finally replace that old leaking faucet or you have a whole different vision in mind, we’ll work with you to create the bathroom or laundry room that suits your lifestyle and your budget.  With many years in the industry our extremely talented team will create your dream space – on time and on budget.  For your convenience, we offer low cost flexible financing through TD Financing oac.  Why not call us today and schedule your consultation.
  • Bathtub & Shower Installations  - Still have a purple bathtub? Does your shower head continuously drip? Create your own total spa experience or simply update your look with a few new quality items.  You’ll love what we can do for you!  Call us for a quote today.
  • Garburator Removal  - You either love them or you hate them. As “green screened plumbers” our position is that they do more harm to our ecosystem than good. They use up perfectly good water, introduce organic waste into the service systems which can cause clogged service lines and they use electricity. If food waste ends up in the lake it causes high nitrogen level problems. They are banned in some areas. Buy yourself a backyard composter or use your green bin and let our professional plumbers safely remove your garburator.


Backflow Prevention



  • Backflow Prevention  - We are a fully licensed backflow plumbing contractor eligible in residential and commercial applications. Backflow work MUST be performed by a licensed plumber with a special license and be recognized by your local municipality. Contact us to schedule your surveys, inspections and device installations. We work with the local municipalities of Barrie, Orillia, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham and Huntsville on your behalf to make it easy for to comply with local requirements.  Should you receive a letter from your municipality, you can rely on Harris Plumbing for professional, licensed backflow plumbing services.
  • As quoted in the OWWA website:  ”A key concern of the OWWA and the water industry is the prevention of backflow, which is a flowing back of water, or reversal of the normal flow. If backflow occurs in a public water system, the action can pollute or contaminate the water in that system creating a health hazard for consumers.”


Cottage Services



  • Cottage Services  - Looking for a professional plumber in Muskoka? Trust Harris Plumbing to provide quality products and services at your cottage. From our professional “opening” and “closing” services to water and sewer line re-piping and repairing or replacing pumps, we take seasonal plumbing very seriously. Want to extend your cottaging season? Ask us about installing a Heat-Line and winter water. It IS possible. See our Cottage page for a list of services from renovations to updating your water system, to ensuring your septic system is operating efficiently.

    white, double apron sink

     Apron-front sinks are perfect for a cottage kitchen!
“We service areas within Barrie, Orillia, Muskoka and Huntsville; and Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Georgina. To find out more, get in touch with us by visiting our contact page and filling out the contact form.”