Water Filtration Installation and Maintenance

If you have concerns about your water quality, let us fully test your water and recommend the appropriate corrections.

  • ULTRA VIOLET: Ensure your family’s safety with Ultra Violet systems. If you draw water from a well or lake, UV kills bacteria and when coupled with other filters to remove sediment, odours and bad taste, renders your water pure, safe & delicious.
  • TASTE & ODOUR: Water taste, odour and colour can all be signs of trouble. Whether you want fresh tasting & smelling water throughout your house or just at the kitchen sink, trust the skilled team at Harris Plumbing.  We can install the perfect system for you and show you how easy it can be to maintain. You DO have a choice.
  • SEDIMENT: Sediment is damaging to washing machines and dishwashers, coffee makers and ice makers. Filtration can be installed where your water source enters your house. Save your appliances! Save money!
  • HARDNESS: Don’t trust your family’s water quality to a retail outlet. Excessive calcium and magnesium in your water damage appliances quickly.  When soap and hard water combine, soap curd is formed and sticks to everything, even the insides of your water pipes. A high-quality softener (one which releases minimal salt into the water) will not only leave your water soft as rainwater but will save you money on laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, and extend the life of your water-loving appliances. Expert installation by a professional plumber ensures your water system won’t be compromised.
  • CHLORINE: Chlorine tastes horrible and causes many health issues as it is very quickly absorbed into the skin. The Canadian Cancer Society has concluded that chlorine in drinking and bathing water can lead to several cancers. Chlorine also quickly damages soft rubbers an plastics promoting leaking toilets and faucets. You don’t have to put up with chlorine in your water! We can remove it. Ask us how. Enjoy your water again.
  • REVERSE OSMOSIS:  A top quality, compact RO system installed at your kitchen sink (point-of-use) will give your perfectly clean, clear “polished” water for drinking, ice cubes, cooking and the best-tasting smoothies.  This is easier than you think.  Call us for the perfect solution for your home.


If you have any of these complaints about your household water, these elements can all be filtered out. For professional water conditioning and softening solutions ensure your water quality is taken care of by a fully licensed Plumbing Contractor like Harris Plumbing.  No one knows water like a professional plumber.

Your local Harris Plumbing expert will examine your water system, listen carefully to the details of your issues and make a thorough water test before making a diagnosis and offering any other suggestions. He will answer all your questions, explain the recommended services or repairs and fully ensure that you understand your options.  We can service your old equipment and install high-quality new equipment.

Whether we are repairing or servicing your water softener, or installing a whole-home water conditioning system, the professionals at Harris Plumbing are  here to help ~ and have been since 1974.

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