Water Softeners and Iron Filters

Considering a Water Softener?  This decision should be about more than pretty pictures of ladies in bathtubs.

Having your water tested and defined by an experienced licensed plumber means that you are getting the real deal. They will recommend the appropriate unit for your home and install it for you safely and professionally. Did you know that, by law, only licensed plumbers are allowed to touch potable water? Make sure that your water conditioning equipment is being supplied and installed by a professional plumber with all the appropriate licensing and insurances.

Does your home have a working high-quality Water Softener?

  • If your answer is YES then you should pat yourself on the back. You’ve made a very smart decision that will save you money in many ways.
  • If your answer is NO, then you should seriously think about getting one.

Signs that you should install a quality water softener?

The easiest way to tell is to have a look at the damage hard water does to things in your household.

  • white water spots and white haze on your drinking glasses
  • cloudy buildup inside your coffee maker carafe
  • hard water can cause itchy skin, dry scalp, and dull hair
  • does your white laundry look a bit gray or faded
  • seem like you’re using way too much shampoo, soap & laundry detergent and it doesn’t lather
  • you wash your car & water spots appear and are difficult to remove

Defective plumbing due to scale buildup is dangerous and can cause damaging costly situations. Hard water produces a scale which reduces the efficiency of appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers and hot water tanks. This scale also builds up in piping, eventually cutting off the water flow completely if left unchecked.

Why does this happen?

Hard water has a high mineral content. While your gardens and lawns prefer hard water, the inside of your house is an entirely different matter. There are 2 primary minerals that are the culprits… calcium and magnesium. They bind to each other in the water and produce scale. This scale attaches to everything – and is very difficult to remove. It simply keeps on building up, until –

Benefits of soft water

There are many benefits both to your appliances and to your wallet. Soft water saves you money on soaps and detergents because soft water simply uses less. Soft water is gentler to your fabrics so your clothing lasts longer. Easier rinsing means no more water spots and less cleaning time. Your hair and skin will feel softer too.

Concerned that you’ll use all your soft water on lawn watering?? No problem. We’ll install an easy by-pass connection on your system so only hard water is used outside – so you can choose.

At Harris Plumbing we install high efficiency, high quality residential and commercial water treatment systems that use much less water and salt than most big-box brands. With a leading manufacturers warranty program plus our professional installation, you get a winning combination to ensure that your family enjoys the safest, best-tasting water for drinking, bathing and household use.

Call us to have a thorough water evaluation done on your household water. We’ll design a custom softening / conditioning water solution for your family.

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