Drain Excavation

Save your lawn with our trenchless drain excavation for sewer replacement

When you experience repeated drain backups in your home, you may need to replace your entire sewer line from the municipal hookup. Harris Plumbing provides professional, experienced replacement service using several different methods. We will determine the scope of your project and recommend the appropriate option for your property and situation to ensure 100% success and satisfaction.

Harris Plumbing is licensed and experienced in a new method that involves only digging one hole outside the foundation and again at the sewer, rather than digging up huge long sections of your yard. We use special equipment and the latest in technology to replace your sewer drain in less time and with lower costs.

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Sewer drains connect your home to your municipal sewer system, and after years of wear and tear they eventually need to be replaced. This can usually mean tearing up your lawn to dig a deep trench from your house to the street to expose and replace the old pipe plus removing tree roots and other destructive pressures on the pipe.

There are still some cases where open trenching is necessary or just doesn’t pose inconvenience to landscaping and driveways however there are new methods of replacing underground water and sewer pipe that save time, cause less disruption to the surrounding areas and save the home-owner money in the restoration of the site after the plumbing work is done.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as slow drains throughout your house, gurgling toilets that take more than 1 flush or sewage backups into your basement through floor drains, your main sewer drain needs attention urgently.