Water Softeners & Iron Filters

Avoid hard water & unlock incredible benefits

Having your water tested and defined by an experienced licensed plumber means that you are getting the real deal. At Harris Plumbing, we recommend the appropriate water softeners & iron filter units for your home and install it for you safely and professionally.

Why Water Softening Matters

Hard Water: Hard water has a high mineral content of both calcium and magnesium, which bind to each other in water and produce scale. Without a proper water softener and iron filter, this scale attaches to everything, is very difficult to remove, and can impact the efficiency of dishwashers, washing machines, piping flow, and other appliances that come in contact with hard water.

Soft Water: Soft water contains few to no extra elements, will save you money, and is gentler to your fabrics and water systems. Installing a water softener means easier rinsing, no more water spots, less cleaning time, and it will even make your hair and skin softer and healthier.

Signs You Need A Water Softener & Iron Filter

It’s time to consider installing a water softener and iron filter if you notice:

  • White water spots on your drinking glasses
  • Cloudy build-up inside your coffee maker
  • Itchy skin, dry scalp, and dull hair
  • Faded or grey-looking laundry
  • Film and soap scum in your bathtub
  • Shampoo or soap that doesn’t seem to lather

The Harris Plumbing Advantage

At Harris Plumbing, we install high efficiency residential and commercial water softeners and iron filters that use much less water and salt than most big-box brands.

With a leading manufacturers warranty program and our professional installation, you get a winning combination to ensure that your family enjoys the safest, best-tasting water for drinking, bathing, and household use.

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Water Softeners
Water Softeners