Home Inspections

Want peace of mind about your household plumbing?

At Harris Plumbing, we’ll give you a full, written report – with associated costs – and discuss with you any concerns that we find. You can then make your decision based on facts and your budget.

Which of the following systems do you need inspected?


We’ve got you covered when it comes to your kitchen. We inspect faucets, shutoffs & supplies, drains, icemaker lines, hose sprayers, and more.


Are you having issues with your laundry system? Whether you have a concern with your hoses, drains, shutoffs, faucets, dryer vent, or pan – our plumbers can help.


Bathroom concerns? No problem. We service: sinks: faucets, drains, shutoffs & supplies; popups; toilets: fill valves, flappers, flush valves, seats; tubs/showers: showerheads, and spouts.

Water Treatment

Let us help you with your softener and filtration check-ups and installations. To learn more about our water quality services, please visit our ‘Water Quality’ page.

Water Lines

Having water line issues? Let us inspect your faucets, drains, pipes, and get your household or commercial business back up and running.

Water Heaters

Our team is trained to take on any water heater connection or valve issue. We’ve got the parts and high-quality service you need and deserve. To learn more about our water heater service, please visit our ‘Water Heaters’ page.


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