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Are you frequently running out of hot water? Have you noticed that your water is discoloured or smells foul? Does your water tank show signs of leaking or rusting?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, it’s time to call the plumbers at Harris Plumbing.

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Gas & Electric Tank Water Heaters

At Harris Plumbing, we provide plumbing service to residential and commercial properties and install high efficiency water heaters, high-quality systems, and solutions for each of our valued clients. In addition to our in-house warranty, our Energy Star technology will save you money on water and power – just ask us how!

Tankless Water Heaters

Whether you occasionally run out of hot water, are concerned about your high gas bill, or have a faulty hot water tank that’s more than five years old, there are so many smart reasons to upgrade to tankless. Find out more today.

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

In addition to installing new hot water tanks, we can also help to maintain the one you have to extend its lifespan. Your hot water heater should be checked every two years, including flushing it out and testing the elements to make sure they’re still working at maximum capacity, because if they’re not, you will pay more for hydro and your water will not be as hot as it should be. This includes possibly replacing the sacrificial anode, which is a rod inside the tank that is there to corrode firs so that the tank interior and fittings won’t. If the anode is eroded (or completely gone), the inside of the tank will rust out.

Having professional plumbers drain and clean your hot water tank every two hears will prevent sediment from forming. If sediment gets too high, it can completely cover the bottom element, leaving only the top one working. That again means wasted hydro and money with warm water that’s not hot, and you’re running inefficiently, not to mention the sediment taking up room in the tank, thereby reducing your hot water capacity.

At Harris Plumbing, we have removed hot water tanks from homes with two to three inches of sediment inside! It takes two men to remove it due to the extra weight, and that is also an extra cost to you, so servicing your hot water heater is important to save you money and save your water heater for a long and efficient lifecycle.

Customer Testimonials

I had Jef install a Navien tankless water heater for my home and was very pleased with the workmanship of the installation. He was very thorough and Jef’s main concern was to make sure the job was done right. [Harris Plumbing] is a very courteous group of employees and I definitely made the right decision contacting them to do the work in my home.


Top 3 Benefits of Tankless Hot Water for your Home (oh yes, there’s more than 3!)

  1. Endless hot water for your family. Never run out of hot water again! It’s always there when you need it.
  2. Space saving. Tankless systems are installed on an outside wall. With no huge storage tank, this leaves about 80% more space for your “stuff”.
  3. Energy saving. Because hot water is provided “on demand”, there’s no need to continuously heat a huge storage tank.

Harris Plumbing recommends Navien Tankless Systems. Navien offers the industry’s best warranty and the latest technology. Pair this with our professional installation and workmanship warranty and you get peace-of-mind, you save money and always have hassle-free hot water.

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