Newmarket Emergency Plumber Explains Common Cottage Plumbing Accidents

Who wouldn’t want to marvel at the outdoors of Canada? The Great White North takes pride as a forefront country that capitalises on green goals, which make its environment a perfect setting for cottages. In a contribution for, cottage experts from Cottage Life Television provide tips and guides for cottaging, a significant part of Canadian culture.


Cottager Companion

“Canadian summers are stunning but short and so we have learned to take full advantage of the warm months by creating summer sanctuaries, out of the cities, away from the bustle and the busyness of our regular nine to five grind. Cottages, cabins and other forms of summer vacation homes are a huge part of our culture, providing a wonderfully relaxing form of distinctly Canadian recreation and leisure.”


“The decision to make cottaging part of your life is not always as simple as it seems,” the article further notes. From time to time, your plumbing system works against your favor. There are some unavoidable plumbing incidents that spring up and possibly ruin your cottage holiday. Here are some of the common cottage plumbing accidents a reliable Newmarket emergency plumber warns about:


Flushed over defective toilet flushes

Cottage owners may experience running toilets and flush leaks, which can be embarrassing especially around guests. Flush parts, like the fill valve and flapper, usually cause these problems. When you keep up with a broken toilet flush, you waste a lot of water in the endless pouring or leakage.


Drained energies from trying to fix troublesome drains

Water may back up in the drains of your sinks, tubs and shower floors. This can be due to major clogs or pipe line defects. Aside from floods or pools of water, problematic drains cause unsanitary consequences like odours and contaminated water.


Pressured to cope with low water pressure

Faucets and shower heads that only drip and trickle, as well as insufficient flush waters, generally signify low water pressure. In these cases, the water pump may not be working well, or the pipe system from the water reservoir may have been disrupted.


Despite regular plumbing maintenance, these and more plumbing nightmares can happen and cause too much discomfort. Your prompt Barrie drain contractors, such as the professionals from Harris Plumbing, can immediately diagnose and fix the issues at hand. These emergency contractors restore your plumbing system at the earliest possible time for your convenience.


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