Plumbers in Richmond Hill Can Help You Prep the Cottage for Winter

People who have the means to invest in vacation property, like a cottage in the Muskoka & Simcoe County area, will find the time to prep the place while the season’s ripe– usually in the summer. However, that doesn’t mean winter should be overlooked, as Richard Brignall writes in a September 4, 2004 article for Cottage Life:  

At some cottages, Dad is around to “supervise” the winterizing jobs. At others, his legacy may be a well-worn list tacked up on the bulletin board. Or maybe you’re the dad (or mom) who will set up the winterizing routine at your new cottage. But whether you’re an old hand or closing up for the first time, a little care this fall will make sure you’re not sleepless in the city through the long winter months.

10 tips for winterizing plumbing

Winter cottage living in Canada is often fun yet peaceful, especially for those residing near any body of water. Some private cottages are even rented out– just imagine a blanket of white right outside the house and you spending quality time with your loved ones out there.


Still: if you’re using the family cottage for a few days this coming winter, you need to do some groundwork before you make the trip up there. Enlisting cottage plumbing specialists like the team at Harris Plumbing, who specialize in winterizing cottages, will help you get things underway before the weather really sets in.


Your preferred plumbing crew must evaluate the entire grid right away, as cottage plumbing is reportedly not rated to withstand winter temps that well. Brignall says that any power circuits connected to the water pumps and heating mechanisms should be turned off; great care is needed to keep power lines away from any water areas. If you have a garburator on the sink, you should disconnect that too.


It’s a common fact among plumbers and homeowners that any leftover water in a house’s plumbing grid can freeze up and expand as the temperatures drop. As such, start by opening all faucets and drain valves in the house to vent all the air pressure and water within; this prevents the water from freezing in the pipes. An air compressor linked to the drain valve also forces out water in remote sections of the plumbing grid. According to Brignall, machinery for hot water (like a tanked or tankless water heater), as well as a pressure or gravity tank, have to be totally drained as well.


Even if you ultimately decide not to stay at the cottage, don’t hesitate to contact Richmond Hill plumbing companies like Harris Plumbing who specialize in safeguarding its pipes and have locations in Muskoka & Simcoe County for your convenience. Your house/cottage will thank you for it.


(Source: 10 tips for winterizing plumbing, Cottage Life)

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